The Bishopric of Emberhearth


Emberhearth’s Government is a Hierarchy lead by King and Bishop Dagug Goldseeker. There are 5 Dwarven Lords, each called Duke, and each has a combination of 2 Barons or Abbots.

King and Bishop Dagug Goldseeker- Rules all of Emberhearth and her lands, including each of the Dukes.

Duke Barigar Helmslitter- Presides in Ironmaw Keep, and General of the largest of King Dagug’s Armies. A militant no bullshit man.

  1. Abbot Ebnik Glowring- Head of the Abbey of Ulaa in Ironmaw. Very Straightforward and friendly.
  2. Baron Horrak Doomrage- Lieutenant of Barigar’s army. Very battle driven and strong individual, awarded barony for his valiant deeds during the Oppression wars.

Duke Malnir Bearfury- Presides in Galdur Mountain, leads one of the Larger armies of Emberhearth. He is generous and well thought of throughout the realm.

  1. Baron Brendus Frostbeard- Oldest Baron in all of Emberhearth, he is known for his silent demeanor, and only speaks when necessary.
  2. Baron Karmor Steelplate- One of the most famous barons of Emberhearth, his past deeds as an adventurer are the talk of most Keep Galdur gatherings.

Duke Thaldrus Kingshand- Presides in the Castle of King’s Hold, most closely trusted ally of the Old Dwarven King Dariendus. Is a deceitful and plotting bastard, uses whatever he can to further his agenda.

  1. Baron Dalthorn Rockspike- Money talks, strong willed lord whose only goal is to rise up in ranks, came into barony by saving Thaldrus’s life during the war.
  2. Abbot Banmir Fieldfolley- Our religion or none at all. Ulaa is supreme sovreign.

Duke Thalnor Hornhelm- A serious, but not overly so leader. He is both strong in character, and vitality. He lead some of the expeditions south into Nubixis.

  1. Abbess Myrna Hillchild- A gentle and noble spirited dwarven woman.
  2. Baron Dulemar Hairsplit- A foul mouthed curr, who retains his office only by heritage.

Duchess Bretmorra Goldchain- A paladin of Moradin who retains her privilege to rule through sheer will and backing of her people.’

  1. Abbot Gimadin Hillshield- A wise and gentle abbot of Moradin. Was advisor to Bretmorra even before her rise to Duchess during the war of oppression.
  2. Baron Banbrek Agateson- A young new baron who was promoted to baron after he put end to a series of pirate raids off the fjord coasts.

The Bishopric of Emberhearth

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