Forge Home


“Yeah, we’ve got wealth here in Forgehome, but it’s all useless. We’re miles underground, with no hope of reaching the surface to spend it.” Spurog Blackpick, Diamond miner.

The first ever successful Fjordin expedition to the Underdark lead to the building of Forgehome. A town built upon three simple principles. Play hard, work hard, and pray hard. A lot of material wealth has been stockpiled. Making even the cheapest of sundries skyrocket due to inflation. I guess when silver, gold and diamond mining feed 90% of the population, money begins to hold less value.

The cornucopia of wealth and luxury this town has, is matched only by the relief it provides the few adventurers who manage to survive the perils surrounding it. A safe haven for those stranded in the dark Forgehome gets its name from its founding. A home for those who sought the Arcane forge.

Forge Home

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