Drift Breaker

A Crashing Wave Warhammer


+1 to attack and damage rolls with this weapon.

While holding this weapon, you have advantage on Strength (athletics) Checks to swim.

While holding this weapon, you have advantage on checks made to resist the frightened condition.


This warhammer is made entirely from what appears to be white oak covered with tar. The head is Rectangular, and is reinforced with iron bars and rivets at either end, it is embossed with a pattern of ocean waves. The handle is engraved with symbols you do not understand (Ancient human language).

This hammer was wielded by none other than Emperor Baldurn Galleon of Old Crest who lost it at the hands of a black dragon named . The hammer floats on water and gives advantage on Athletics to swim, and the weight of it makes you feel confident in your power. When swinging it sounds as a wave curling, when it strikes, it sounds as a wave crashing upon the shore.

Drift Breaker

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