A Fantastically Bright Journey

(in the underdark)

Today The Night Guard fought their way through the Underdark, past several dangerous obstacles.

A cannibal camp – defeated with the code word “Nutmeg!”

The Howling Gorge – where Tam nearly fell to his death.

A tunnel of rotting vegetation – they’re not sure why.

A cavern comprised entirely of Darkstone – with an illusory Magma fall to boot.

After summoning a Unicorn- Lord Murdock Misty Mane, the party set off to save the missing Ashewood Rangers, and discovered a black dragon. After an epic battle that will be retold for centuries, the Dragon was teleported away at Alfo’s touch.

Best Line goes to Tam:

(When plotting against cannibals who planned to eat the party, and who had fed the party people meat)
“We should eat them as vengeance.”


Bobdrewbert jdelooze

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