This Traveler’s Guide was written to act as a credible source for understanding the realm of Mythweald including: geography, magic, history, and established factions. As such, it may not strictly represent the sum of your character’s knowledge. Instead it contains the vast meta knowledge of such affairs and your character’s understanding of them could be dependent on one or more rolls.

  • The Traveler’s Guide is a less in-depth collection of information from other sources.

Use this guide as your faithful companion. Reference it if you want to know more about the world.

Note: In some cases your character has at least heard secondhand most of the information below. In others, a character might be ignorant of such information. If you are unsure, ask.

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Locations visited are recorded in the Atlas Atlas.png Known information on the gods and magic is recorded in the Planar Manual Planar_Guide.png
You can access the timeline by looking at Mythweald’s History History.png A general guide on Crime and Punishment Crime_and_Punishment.png</a>

Crime and Punishment

One of the major traits that separates ruling factions from other kinds of communities is that they are often responsible for defining, enforcing and adjudicating the law. Since each faction does things a little differently Law can act as a good rule of thumb for what to expect from committing such crimes and what punishments those crimes might warrant.

General Guide on Crime and Punishment

Note: Punishments often set by precedent. For this reason, some folk may advocate for different punishments for committing unusual crimes.

Ruling Factions

Presiding over the diverse regions throughout the world are the Ruling Factions. Simply put, these factions control the world from the political scale. From the empires of man to the communes of the elves, each of Mythweald’s folk are steeped in culture and beliefs. As such, the various factions that rule over the world are often found forging alliances, signing treaties or waging wars with one other. No faction truly presents a greater risk to the world than the others, at this time, and whenever one threatens to do so the find themselves moved to cooperative opposition. Essentially, the political situation is a loose collection of city states led by warlords waging private wars.


Here is a list of the Ruling Factions:


Guilds are collectives of individuals who all agree that their talent, skill, trade, or art form should be represented as a whole instead of marketed individually. As such, guilds often control the price of such commodities and are often responsible for setting standards, licensing or even enforcing quality. While there are many guilds in the world of Mythweald, not all of them need a complex explanation. The Carpenter’s guild for example represents the interests of the majority of the world’s carpenters. One thing unique to guilds is that they are not dependent upon the kingdom or region from which they hail. This means that a Fjordin carpenter would have the same rights as a Gladrathi Carpenter.

The Most Renowned Guild, The Heroes’ Guild

A new, up-and-coming Guild, The Creed of Silver

Dues, Tithes and Taxes

Depending upon the guild, a member may be expected to pay dues, tithes or taxes. Typically these payments are collected by a local hall overseer, recorded in their ledger, then shipped off to the headquarters for such guilds. Not all guilds demand a member pay dues, tithes or taxes, and some guilds only enforce such methods of income when necessary.


Prestigious centers where recruits are trained to regimental standards. Halls where scouts are taught the specifics needed to do their jobs well. Fields where soldiers learn to perform the art of warfare. Academies are the main stay of any well trained standing army.


Unique to academies is the method in which their applicants join. When one wishes to join an academy, they seek out a local recruiter who then points them in the directions of that academy’s needs. After completing testing, those recruits are then enlisted to serve upon completion of their education.

Some of the most well known academies include:


From the pursuit of enlightened understanding to the practice of skilled oration, Mythweald’s many colleges universally focus on one thing. Higher education. It’s here in these lecture halls and libraries that the people of Mythweald learn of magic, history and music. Without colleges, the world would surely fall into an age of ignorance.


In order to enroll in any of the colleges of Mythweald, one must first be willing to take placement exams. Such exams are often exhaustively written to weed out students whose interests are merely in passing. Only the brightest of the bunch have what it takes to pass the test and enroll.

Some of the more prestigious colleges in Mythweald are:


From the darkest depths of the ocean to the highest pinnacles of the Irownmaw Mountains, many have cause to revere nature in its varied aspects. Circles of those who would venerate nature gather in quiet, sequestered regions to conduct their traditions in secret. Such secrets are often passed down from generation to generation ensuring that only those whose respect is true receive such ancient wisdom.


During their youth, a person might feel the call of nature or manifest the signs of such a connection to nature. When such a manifestation is observed, the appropriate circle sends a druid to mentor this youth so that they may come to better understand the gift of their connection to nature.

Here are a few of the more commonly known circles:


It is inevitable that those who favor certain ethics and morals will band together. When such a group forms, it is often called an order. Members of an order usually all follow a similar creed, faith or oath, and expect their members to operate strictly adhering to such ideals.


Regardless of the individual order, one thing is pretty universally expected from them. Discipline. This may come in the form of a martial art practiced only by that order, or adherence to an oath taken at the time of joining.

Some of the more widespread Orders are:



The atlas is the collected book of maps, and information relating to the regions, settlements, ruins, landmarks and causeways in Mythweald.


Any act that is considered illegal by the system of law governing a region.

Dues, Tithes, or Taxes

Any payments made to an organization to ensure equal consideration, membership, or partnership.


A collective of likeminded individuals who decided their interests are best represented as a whole.


A place of learning, designed to train people in a specific field of warfare or to enforce regimented standards among troops.


An establishment which offers attendants a higher education. Be it vocational or professional, the individual student usually lays claim to a highly specific course of education.


Any community whose traditions, practices, and beliefs are passed from mentor to student or in a similar manner. Such communities usually have strict taboos or beliefs.


Any group whose discipline is taught by senior most members. Often times these orders have zealous crusaders or dogmatic leaders.