“I told him, best hand over your vittles, baubles and coin robed man.” the older bandit said to his comrade. “Well what’d he say?” the second bandit replied. “He pulled out his book and started reading. Next thing I remember, I’m a damned newt.”


Abjuration- Block, Banish, and Protect. This is a school of denial and negation.

Conjuration- Produce objects and creatures from elsewhere to fight for you.

Divination- Part the veils of space, time and consciousness, to see clearly.

Enchantment- Entrance and beguile other people and monsters.

Evocation- Create powerful elemental effects such as cold, fire or lightning.

Illusion- Dazzle the senses, befuddle the mind, and trick even the wisest.

Necromancy- Explore the cosmic forces of life and death.

Transmutation- Modify energy and matter. To you, the world is not a fixed thing.

Coming Soon!
War Magic- Become a full fledged War Mage!

Possible Training or Faction Ties

College of Fates

University of Crisidea



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