Domains for Clerics: Life, War, Light.

A Cleric of Ulaa is called Father, or Mother.

Ulaa is known not only by name but as several other names including: Earthmother, Mother of Dwarves, Mother in the Mountain, Mother of the Hills, Our Mother, and The Fire Ever-burning.

She is the goddess of mountains, life, hills, and dwarves. She also hosts war, and fire which she claimed to gain advantage over Auril.

She is thanked often by Fjordins, and even more so by their priests.

  • (Like) Gems In hand- Meaning worth more than expected.
  • Sitting on a Hillside- Meaning, to meet one’s god.
  • Climbing the Highest peak- A pilgrimage taken during youth, generally to prove one’s station.
  • Set foot on stone- Meaning to make it home.
  • Marching with Home behind- Preparing for war, outside of Emberhearth.
  • Lighting the Hearth- Preparing for war, In Emberhearth.
  • Left the Fire burning- Meaning ready to die or extreme conviction.
  • Making Mountains out of Gnome Hills- A great deed of amazing ingenuity, strength or power.


  • May mud and stone find you- Meaning, leave, and never come back (presumably because of a mudslide or rockslide.)
  • Sand in your Hearth- I hope you die.
  • Cower(ing) under the Mountain’s Shadow- Fear, that ultimately leads to doom.


  1. Trust only our family, but make room for new brothers and sisters.
  2. Waste not, for our claim is all.
  3. Choose a path, and blaze it.
  4. Honor me, then clan, then friends.
  5. Shelter all faithful, beware all faithless.
  6. Guide those who would follow you.
  7. Be vigilant; Evil lurks in my great shadow.


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