Tila Estate

This grand and opulent estate lies dead center of the three largest roads in all of Mythweald.

The Gold road, travelling from the coasts of Crest, across the ghost lands, over the Fjords of Emberhearth.

The Paragon’s Path, spanning the plains of Crest, down into the valleys of Vale, and spreading outward to Pabshaw Port.

The Tila Run- Stretching around the base of the Ironmaw Mountains, that connects Paragon’s Path to The Gold Road.

Previously unowned, The Night Guard discovered a Deed, belonging to Uncle Draxus Redwyne who scrawled his last will and testament on its back. The will left Tila Estate to Valerian Redywne who is now by all rights a Crestline, and Pabshaw noble.

After claiming the Estate as their own, The Night Guard discovered a connection to the Dread Mire. Which manifested itself as a dream.

Tila Estate

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