The Warring Field

The Warring Field is an institution created and paid for by The Crestline Empire as a means of restitution for the War of Oppression.

Any may apply for an education here, and applicants are accepted so long as they pass a physical exam.

Members of the Warring Field are provided the following.

  1. Education pertaining to soldiering, fighting, and warfare.
  2. Certification of Achievement of physical prowess.
  3. Upon Passing all courses, arms, armor, and garments chosen by individual.
  4. Guaranteed acceptance within the Crest Army, with an early rank up.
  5. Room and Board for duration of Training.

You cannot be denied entry or training by the Warring Field, but upon completion of its all of its courses you are considered to be battle ready and as such have nothing to left to be taught.

If you fail The Warring Fields current course you must wait until its next course begins to re-apply.

The Warring Field

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