The Story of Creation

At first there was only one god. His name is Lathander. He wandered the astral sea until he found a vast and empty space within it. He filled this place with a spark, and when he was done he had created the material plane. Some parts of the plane were too bright, while others too dark. He set aside the darkest parts, and lightest parts, creating 3 planes in total. The first was bright, and he named it the Faerie. The second dark, he named it the Shadow. The third was a perfect mix of both light and dark, he named it Mythweald.

After creating the 3 planes of existence Lathander was exhausted. As he dreamed, Mystra was created. Mystra influenced Lathander’s dreams so that when he awoke, he set to making her real. Upon her creation, Lathander deemed her his equal. Thus the two set to creating other gods to keep them company.

First to be created was Silvanus. When he saw Mythweald, he decided to create a realm that would grow powerful the longer it stood. He created the first forests.

Auril and Ulaa were created second as twins. Deciding to create their own realms within Mythweald, Auril created the frozen tundras, and Ulaa the great peaks of the world.

Yondalla was the third to be created. Seeking a way to unite her siblings created the rivers that flow from the icy peaks, down through the forests to the ocean.

Finally Lathander determined that if the world would have meaning, it would have to be temporary, and so he created Myrkul, who was to claim death.

Many eons passed, the land of Mythweald prospered and flourished. Rivers ran, and ran dry, mountains rose, and eroded, forests grew, and decayed, tundras froze and thawed. Eventually the gods grew bored of their creations, watching them change was nice, but they wished to share it.

Auril then decided she would be the first to change things, and as the tundras froze, she took her Ice, and essence pouring them into a shape modeled after herself. She had created the first Ice Elves. Jealous of her sisters ingenuity, Ulaa copied her actions taking a bit of stone from her mountains and molded it into the first Dwarves.

Yondalla, seeking to fix the rift between her sisters created the halfings, humble creatures who enjoyed the company of all. Unfortunately it was not enough. Ulaa and Auril began to argue and fight one another constantly. The blood, sweat, and violence eventually spawned a new god, Tempus.

Tempus aided whichever side fought the hardest. Improving the skill of the troops, or providing moments of clarity during battle. The war came to a stand still, because Tempus enjoyed conflict so much, he could not pick a side to win.

Eventually the halflings began to beg Yondalla for an end to the fighting. Hearing her children’s cries, and being a caring mother she went to Lathander weeping for an end. Lathander took the tears that Yondalla had shed and turned them into Shar, so that the Elves and Dwarves would feel sorrow for the lives lost.

The Elves felt so much sorrow that they began an exodus, leaving the frozen tundras that they called home. Some left for a northern continent covered in ice, but others turned from Auril, to the woods of Silvanus, and begged him for guidance. In response Silvanus elevated the wisest of them, Rillifane, to guide the elves. Those that followed became Wood elves.

The Dwarves sank into depression. Now that they had no focus, their riches weren’t worth anything. So Ulaa created Moradin, to teach the Dwarves amazing craftsmanship so that all the riches could be made into works of art. Jealous of her sister’s creativity, Auril created Talos, who would destroy things regardless of their purpose.

Yondalla still seeking a way to repair the rifts between the Elves, Dwarves and Halflings created Waukeen, to teach the Halflings the skills of bargaining, fair pricing, and shrewd evaluation. The Halflings traded their bountiful food for Dwarven art, and Dwarven art for Elvish livestock.

When all three races began to trade with one another they felt the influence of Shar diminish, as he had split in two. His second half became Lliira, and she spread among the races joy. Lathander took the worst aspects of Shar, and the best aspects of Lliira and created Sune, whose love is both a curse of sorrow, and a gift of joy.

Mystra, having grown quite powerful, decided to share the gift of magic with the races. She created Azuth, to act as a conduit, and his brother Correllon to act as a teacher. Together Azuth and Correllon created Oghma, to collect knowledge and disseminate it, Leira to hide the truths with illusion, and Savras to illuminate truths with divination.

Lathander wished still to add more to Mythweald. He took a small bit of each of his children’s domains and created Chauntea. Chauntea was lonely however, and begged her father for a companion, as every other god had one, or at least a rival. He created Ilmater, and the two loved, hated, laughed, and cried together. Eventually they married, but in order to prove himself worthy to Lathander, Ilmater had to battle him every day for 1,000 years. Thus Ilmater became the god of endurance and suffering.

The Union of Ilmater and Chauntea created the first Humans. As humans traveled Mythweald, the gods changed it to better suit them so they might have a place. When they began to kill the beasts in the woods, Silvanus created Malar, to teach them of hunting, and Ehlonna to teach the elves of preservation. When they first encountered mountains, Tempus created Torm, to give them courage so they might climb them. When they first met halflings, and saw the amazing wealth that they horded, they quietly took what wouldn’t be missed, and Yondalla created Mask, so the halflings might not be robbed blind.

Eventually Tempus had no influence over Mythweald. He had become instead a god of peace, and had taken to being called Eldath. Unfortunately Eldath had to commit to the cycle set forth by Lathander. During his time as Eldath he created many gods to aid him. Tyr to provide justice. Heironeous to provide honor. Helm to provide protection, and Tritheon to provide liberty.

When the cycle came around for the first time, it was disastrous. Having not been a god of creation, Eldath learned that all he created was doomed to cycle with him. Torm became Hiddukell, god of Cowardice, Tyr became Bane, god of tyrrany, Heironeous became Cyric, god of Lies, Helm became Bhaal god of murder, and Trithereon became Iuz, god of Oppression.

Tempus would cycle in and control his council of Hiddukell, Bane, Bhaal, and Iuz. Eldath would cyle in and control his council of Torm, Tyr, Heironeous, Helm and Trithereon. While they were still the same gods, their influence over the world would change.

The Story of Creation

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