The Dominion of Nilve Thalor

Nilve Thalor’s government is a Magocracy. It is composed of 8 elected leaders, each of which represents a school of magic, and their own faction.

Magocracy- A government lead by those schooled and versed in Arcane magic.

Factions- There are two factions within the Nilve Thalor Magocracy. The Karuth, and The Atrandasts.

Karuth- A collective of mages who seek to stay in Mythweald.
Atrandists- A collective of Mages who seek to restore Atrand, the ancestral homeland.

The Schools and their roles follow as such.

Abjuration- The head of which is called Monitor (Chief of Police) of which he/she has 5 appointed Regulators (Think Deputies) . The role of Abjurers is to reinforce the city’s defenses, and act as police force. Monitor maintains the political coverage of the Abjurers, while the Regulators manage the division heads of each police force.

Conjuration- The head of which is called Manifestor of which he/she has 5 appointed Summoners. The role of Conjurers is to provide support to the other schools through various means, generally the Abjurers in policing the city, but a few other schools as well..

Divination- The head of which is called Augurer, with 2 appointed scryers. The role of the Diviners is to act as leader of magocracy breaking any tie votes, and offering information to other schools who seek it.

Enchantment- The head of which is called Orator of which he/she has 20 speakers. The role of the Enchanters is the public face as well as a sort of riot control when necessary.

Evocation- The head of which is called Arch-Warden (Think Commander in Chief) of which he has appointed 2 Wardens . The Evokers act as a leaders of the armed forces of Nilve Thalor While the Arch-Warden is checked and balanced by the Augerer and Monitor, if both think war is a good idea the Arch-Warden may declare one.

Illusion- The head of which is called Seeker of which he/she has appointed an unspecified but regulated amount of eyes and ears. The illusionists act as an espionage force.

Necromancy- The head of which is called gravekeeper, he/she has no appointed officials. Necromancers are involved in the cycle of life and death within the city more as a ceremonial thing than real equal partner of the magocracy… but one day.

Transmutation- The head of which is called Alterist, which has appointed 5 transmuters. They are responsible for the upkeep and construction within the city.

The Dominion of Nilve Thalor

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