Sindaleth- Is the Ancestral home-wood of the Gladrathi Peoples. It is here that the Hometree was first planted, and here where the Crestline Empire burned it to the ground. Besides its beautiful and natural construction the Forested City has a great deal to offer.

Population: 8623
Government: Counciled by The Wildwood Assembly, and ruled By King Elidyr Ashebow.
Defense: Creatures of the wood number in the 1000’s, as well as a standing army of 1000 fine archers and 1000 Glaive warriors.
Commerce: Ancient and natural works of art, as well as exotic plants, and species.


The Wildwood Assembly

Church of Corellon Larethian- Lord of the Elves, and natural magic. The Church of Corellon Larethian is grown from a single large oak tree. The members of this church are accepting of the common races, basic spell services can be bought here

Litany of Scrolls- Run by an ancient and assumed powerful Gladrathi wizard, this Scriptorium offers insight to the history of the world as well as many other topics.

Books, Robes, case, ink, ink pen, parchment, paper.

Tadrill’s Tavern- Run by Tadrill, a slightly overweight Gladrath, she sells some of Sindaleth’s finest food and beer for slightly expensive prices. Ashewood rangers have free room and discount on food.

The Grand Theatre- A magnificent studio and Theatre with ample seating and grandiose decorum. This is a legendary theatre with many enchantments. Many bards and travelling minstrels dream of working here.



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