Shadow Singer

“It’s got a nice ring to it.” -Valerian Redwyne

Shadow Singer?

“It’s- well, that’s me, of course. Stick to the shadows, except when you shouldn’t.”

“…Oh, more than that? Well. Alright. A shadow singer is a very… sketchy, if you will- a rather shady person. They often have surprising talents, that you wouldn’t expect from someone. At the same time they are overly obvious and extremely covert.”

Helpful, Val.

What a Shadow Singer does:

Shadow singers are useful in various ways, not always – and not usually – in combat. They focus on being useful when it comes to gathering information, finding secret ways into places they shouldn’t be, knowing things they shouldn’t, and generally being a pain in the ass for anyone trying to keep secrets.

“There’s no strict definition. How could there be? Every one’s different. Oh, don’t look at me like that; I didn’t make this up all on my own. I am by no means the first shadow singer, though I might be the first one to call it that.”

Why a Shadow Singer Exists:

Being a unique mix of bard and rogue isn’t something planned; it just happens to someone, and they become it before they’ve realized it. It’s not something that is chosen, although it can be, and someone can specifically train to be a shadow singer- though it’s not often, given their reputation (of the few that are known).

“They exist because they have to. If they didn’t, someone would invent them. The same way prostitutes happened. If there were none, someone would immediately start doing it; certain things will always exist. Irritating bards who simply cannot be caught but keep managing to spread catchy jingles about the latest of the royal family’s transgressions and why they shouldn’t rule are one of those things.”

What Shadow Singers offer that other classes don’t:

The mixture of a bard, but geared more towards rogue-type talents than most. They will focus more on remaining unseen and gathering information, either for purposes malevolent or benign. They also have the ability to strike from the shadows, either with this information or with a blade. They prefer to control battles by manipulating both their enemies and their allies.
If necessary, they will absolutely cause chaos. They definitely have the capability.

“Hmm. Subtlety, mainly. For a lot of bards, being flamboyant and obvious is part of who we are. I’m not rejecting this- but there’s a very careful, subtle aspect to it that a lot of people don’t quite understand. We have to be careful, we have to choose our words to get our point across in just the right way.
“A shadow singer does that, but… with more focus on the subtlety. Actually, no, it’s just more shadowy. A knife to the back isn’t very subtle, is it?
“Shadow singers are notorious for being a bit… lacking in the moral compass, as well. While I can’t, ah, judge for myself… Well, suffice to say that most bards aren’t quite as, well, practical as I am.”

Shadow Singer

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