A list of settlements throughout the world.

The Vale

The Vale is the center-westmost region of Mythweald. It is supposedly the first region created by the god Lathander. As such, the Vale is deeply rooted in magic, and the humans born here feel a profound connection to the Aether.


The easternmost region of Mythweald is home to the race of man. Crestline garners its name from the vast coastline that spans the entire side of the continent. This is a maritime nation, with a long history of petty wars.


The southwestern region of Mythweald is named after the mountain which lies at its center. Emberhearth is home to the Fjords of old. The Fjordins have many claims to glory: greatest is their connection to Ulaa, but their exceptional craftsmanship, and material wealth still garner great renown.


The frozen tundras of the north are known to all as Crisidea. It is here that the Crisidean Ice Elves were born. Much of the land is harsh and inhospitable, but a few valleys and mountains shelter this wasteland’s savage inhabitants.


The western wooded region of Ei’dath is home to the Gladrathi people. Here they make spiritual journeys, craft amazing works of art, and breed hardy livestock. The Gladrathi people’s connection to nature is nearly unrivaled throughout the world.


This southernmost, fractured island is known as The Maw Lands to most. Before it split from the rest of Mythweald, it was known as Nubixis. It is here that dragons are said to have once ruled. The only proof of this myth are the large, long-deceased skeletons of ancient dragons lying in the many dunes of this harsh and unforgiving desert.


Beneath the rest of the world is the Underdark, a chaotic and deadly maze of tunnels. Here the drow rule, and the many people of the Underdark suffer for it. Their current seat of rule is Glutton’s Teeth.


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