“I am but one of the Emperor’s many eyes and ears, we watch and listen, and it is likely you won’t see us coming.” Crestline Assassin’s Threat.

Master Mind- Focus on people, what influence they have, and their secrets.

Swashbuckler- Rely on speed, elegance, and charm to win your battles.

Thief- Hone your skills in larceny, sneaking, and exploration.

Assassin- Hone your skills in deception, death dealing, and surprise.

Arcane Trickster- Combine stealth, agility, and magic to befuddle your foes.

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Inquisitive- Root out secrets and unravel mysteries.
Scout- Rogues at home in the wilderness. Provide useful intel for your party.

Possible Training or Faction Ties

The Warring Field

Veneficus Field


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