Rhoskan's Armory

Rhoskan’s power over the arcane forge makes him, potentially, The Night Guard’s most formidable ally.

In order to fulfill his promise to our heroes, Rhoskan has begun working on potent, one-of-a-kind items for each member of the Night Guard.

Valerian’s SuitThe Baron’s Finery A legendary suit fit for a Baron, made for a Bard.

Tam’s StaffStaff of the Cycle With the proper materials, Rhoskan could make a new staff for Tam, a staff of Epic proportions.

Alfo’s Blade – A sword smithed for the Grim Warden. An artifact for the Maddened Child.

Manny’s Amulet – A magical amulet, whose beauty is only matched by that of the wearer.

Klauk’s RingRing of Joyous Faith A ring with the power to bring joy, and life.

Celest’s VisageMortal Bastion A helm for vigilant warriors pursuing their foes..

Rhoskan's Armory

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