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Mythweald is a large continent known for its Heroes. Sixty-two years ago the Human Empire of Crest assaulted the Wood Elven, Gladrath peoples, leading to a war of Oppression that lasted 31 years. The war ended when 4 heroes, one from each of the warring nations, came to an agreement. Their names are well known. Dagug Goldseeker the Apostate of Ulaa and Bishop of Emberhearth, Theodric the Old, the First Knight of New Crest, Elidyr Ashebow the Lord of the Woods, and Balon Steelsong the Seeker of the Vale.

The Continent is made up of 6 Regions.

Westernmost is the Vale, a calm and gentle place where the people enjoy the protection of all surrounding nations. It is a sanctuary for those who would do away with politics, and a place of adventure for those who would enjoy it.

Just south of Vale is the Bishopric of Emberhearth. It is a mountainous region with many fjords. The people who live here lead lives in the mountains, harvesting minerals, as well as gems. They are a race of intrigue and piety.

To the North of Vale is Ei’dath, a deciduous forested nation of Elves and fey beings. The people here often rely on wisdom and skill to survive, no real hierarchy is represented, but ceremonially one is respected.

To the East of Vale is Crest, the Empire of man. It is a port run nation centered on trade, it is the largest and most populated of the regions.

The lands North of Ei’dath are known as Crisidea, a frozen tundra of vast expanse, it is mostly uninhabited by the common races, except for the High Elven city of Nilve Thalor, a great place of Arcane education.

To the South of Emberhearth is Nubixis. A harsh desert where only the toughest of men and mer survive the constant heat. It is the birth place of Dragons, and often referred to as the Maw-lands by the lower class.

Emberhearth is ruled by Dagug Goldseeker. Bishop Banmir Fieldfolley
Vale is led by Balon Steelsong.
New Crest is ruled by Orvath Galleon.
Elidyr Ashebow keeps vigil over the woods of Ei’dath.
Nubixis is ruled by Manuya Teoshi and the creatures that keep it.
Nilve Thalor is presided over by a magocracy.

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