“I will NOT abide LIES.” Thom Smith, General of the Order of Pelor, Last of the Paladins of Requos.


Crown- Take the humble ideals of Service, Loyalty, and Responsibility.

Human and Elvish Kingdoms have a surplus of these.

Devotion- Take the lofty ideals of Justice, Virtue, and Order.

Anyone willing to devote their life to this oath may take it.

Ancients- Take the knightly ideals of Honor, Courage, and Justice.

Gladrathi, and Crestliners habitually take this oath.

Vengeance- Take the solemn ideals of Self-Sacrifice, Justice, and Penance.

Anyone willing to swear to this oath may do so.

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Oath of Redemption- Use violence only as a last resort.

Possible Training or Faction Ties

Oathkeeper Hall


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