Pabshaw Port


Pabshaw Port- A seafarer’s town and the only port in this section of Mythweald. The people here lead tough lives and often times resort to crime. There were some upper class areas, run by the families who founded the city which are now taken over by dangerous gangs and pirate crews. They celebrate 3 holidays: Tide’s Yield, Frosted Hearth, and Sun’s Set. Furthermore there are 3 families who run the city, the Hornravens, the Goldcrests, and the Fordes.

Population: 307,790
Government: Run by a republic, current President is Father Hornraven.
Defense: A fleet of Vessels with crew, and Soldiers, as well as citizen militia.
Commerce: By far the least “Prosperous” city in this region, Pabshaw had many overseas trade routes, as well as many merchant guilds, but they went belly up after the nobility absconded.


No formal Churches

House Forde- A new and upcoming family that has its background in the Thieves guild. It is lead by Olivia Forde a woman who was plotting the usurpation of House Hornraven’s Laurels.

Holbrook Inn- Tavern in the Heart of the city run by the Holbrook family; Jamus, Alice, Avry. A nice family friendly hearth with heartwarming music and food. The basement is home to the Thieves Guild.


The Mithril Moor- The owner Cyril of the Blight Hand is renown for slaying fifteen owlbears during the defense of the Ogden Moor. The dwarven mine was abandoned several years ago when the moor was infested with these creatures. Cyril and his men purged the moor and opened the mine for his fellow dwarves to begin mining the precious veins of mithril. As a reward, the dwarven king granted Cyril a percentage of mithril. He now employs a master smith who forges the metal into artifacts of war. Though his prices could bankrupt a barony, The Mithril Moor is where champions from every land come to purchase arms and armor. Though he no longer considers himself a man of battle, when an adventurer enters his shop and speaks of fantastic creatures and mysterious places, a glint of possibility returns to Cyril’s eyes.

The Blue Eyed Druid- No one really knows the identity of the shop owner. Most customers believe it’s Howard, a simple man who has a knack for gauging how much a customer will pay for an item. His behavior can be erratic he is mostly friendly. Though the sign outside has a man standing in the forest with blue eyes little of that translates to the shop. BEDS as the locals call it, is a pawn shop. Howard prefers to buy and sell magical items, but he will dabble in odd, historical or collectible items. Because it is located next to a guard tower Howard has little problem with theft. Plus several rumors surround the old shop, that the true owner would hunt the offender and suffer a horrible death.

The Welcoming Wizard- A shop suited for wizards and magic users, has many ingredients and some rarer items. Run by a Young wizard and entrepreneur who dropped out of the Draconic Assembly in New Crest.

The Bronze Shield- A small building located near the water side, it’s run by a halfling named Davus Fieldglider. He opened up the store after finding a talent for making large shields out of Bronze, he does carry shields of other metals, and even wood, but really wants to sell bronze shields.

The Rogue’s Sundry- Only Accessible to rogues, or those in alliance with the thieves guild.

The Steel Bailey- A human blacksmith by the Name of Terry Nailporter, runs this forge, he has several apprentices hammering away and running tasks in the background. He has a large selection of steel implements.

The Stag’s Arrow- A wood elf female named Cliatra Starsmile and her half elf son Liansen Starsmile make a living off of making bows and projectiles.


Pabshaw Port

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