Osden- Was recently rebuilt, and acts as the northernmost bastion of the Crest Empire. This town has its roots in the fishing trade, and commissions almost all of The Empires ships.

Population: 624,000
Government: Puppeted Government. Mayor Ulf Yngvald.
Defense: A fleet of Warships, and an army of 10,000.
Commerce: Basic supplies from the inn and trading post. Other goods from travelling merchants.


Tomb of Crest- This is the burial place of the ancient and powerful lineage of Crestline Emperors.

Ice Arch Castle- The legendary Castle of Ice Arch is built upon an grand arch rising over the sea.

Osden Shipwrights Guild-The guild in charge of most seafaring vessels construction. They do sell to the public, but only with permission from New Crest Government.

The Hall of Ulf-A Hall constructed recently by the peoples of Osden. This is the home for Mayor Ulf Yngvald, and it pays respect to his family and their struggles during the War of Oppression.

The Skald’s Horn- A very lively and jovial Inn that rents its rooms to adventurers. This Inn is the start of many an adventurers story, and the end.


The Jarl’s Steel-A Grizzled human blacksmith, whose features are lined with soot runs this shop. He sells the following.

Medium Armor- Chain Shirt, Scale mail

Heavy Armor- Ring Mail, Chainmail, Shield.

Simple Weapons- Dagger, Handaxe, Light Hammer, Spear.

Martial Weapons- Longsword, Battle Axe, Shortsword, Warhammer.

Adventure Gear- Caltrops, Chain, Hammer, Pick, Iron Pot, Shovel, Iron Spikes.

Jaegers Rest- A witty and young huntsman owns this hunting store. He sells the following.

Light Armor- Leather.

Simple Ranged- Dart, Shortbow.

Martial Ranged- Longbow.

Adventuring Gear- Arrows, Bolts, Hunting Trap, Quiver, Rope.

Ingrid’s stall- Run by A mother and her son. They sell the following.

Adventure Gear- Backpack, Bedroll, Blanket, Candle, Case, Clothes (Common and Traveller’s), Lamp, Lantern(Hooded), Mess kit, oil, pouch, rope, sack, soap, tents, tinderbox, torches, waterskin, and rations.

Adventure Gear- Acid, Antitoxin, Component Pouch, Perfume, Potions of Healing, and Vials.


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