Orcs are savage raiders and pillagers with stooped postures, low foreheads, and piggish faces with prominent lower canines that resemble tusks.

Gruumsh One-Eye- Orcs worship Gruumsh, the mightiest of the orc deities and their creator. The orcs believe that in ancient days, the gods gathered to divide land and races, when it was Gruumsh’s turn, none were left, so he perverted a civilization of elves – creating the first orcs – and told them to conquer whatever they wanted.

Tribes Like Plagues- Orcs gather in tribes that exert their dominance and satisfy their blood lust by plundering villages, devouring or driving off roaming herds, and slaying any humanoids that stand against them. After savaging a settlement, orcs pick it clean of wealth and usable items. They set the remains of villages and camps ablaze, then retreat whence they came, their blood lust satisfied.

Ranging Scavengers- Their lust for slaughter demand that orcs dwell always within striking distance of new targets. As such, they seldom settle permanently, instead converting ruins, cavern complexes, and defeated foes’ villages into fortified camps and strongholds. Orcs build only for defense, making no innovation or improvements to their lairs beyond mounting the severed body parts of their enemies.

Leadership and Might- Orc tribes are mostly patriarchal, flaunting such vivid or grotesque titles as Black-Bones, Shattered-Jaw, Ear Claimers. Occasionally, a powerful war chief unites scattered tribes into a single rampaging horde, which runs roughshod over other orc tribes, and humanoid settlements.

Known Weaknesses: Low intelligence, hatred of Elves.

Method of Attack: Brute force is almost always the way these beasts win. There are few orcs however that turn to magic. There are Shamans, who are nearest to sorcerers, as well as Warlocks, and Druids.

Methods of Successful Vanquishing: Slashing, Biting, Insulting, Stabbing, and Burning.


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