On taking Oaths

There are several ways to become a Paladin. Not all of them are righteous. The idea of a Paladin is one most have some familiarity with. A religious warrior who upholds all that is good and smites all evil, but there are others.

The half-elf orphan, who tricked bullies to protect the other children.


The human woman, who vows never again will she be lied to.


An old man, setting right the actions of his generation.


The young soldier, who against all odds, charges into battle for their homeland.


These people all have something in common. They’ve all sworn an oath. One to protect those in need, another for vengeance. The Old man, he’s been living for centuries, fixing the woods his kin burnt to ashes, and the Soldier, they swore to uphold everything their homeland stood for. Each is rewarded in kind with special powers, but it isn’t those powers that make them a paladin.

The thing that they all have in common. Is that even with this amazing power, they don’t misuse it. The half-elf orphan used his powers to prevent harm, when he could easily just have beaten the bullies. The woman seeks truth, when she could just as easily extract it. The Old man and the young soldier have spent their lives doing the same. The use of their powers, that’s what makes them a Paladin.

So take an Oath, and stand by your words, but take heed, they’re the only thing keeping you righteous.

On taking Oaths

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