Domains for Clerics: Knowledge.

A Cleric of Oghma is called Scrivener.

Oghma is simply called Oghma.

Their realm is knowledge, and collection.


  • Blank paper and filled inkwell- An especially eager new student who the teacher is excited to educate.
  • Tome after tome- An expression used to signify the steady power of acquiring knowledge.
  • Oghma’s will be done- Meaning to collect, organize, or prepare something.
  • The Subtext couldn’t be clearer- Having divined a path or passage.
  • A book that writes itself- Something intriguing or interesting.


  • Torn pages, steeped in ink- A reluctant student who is set in their ways or unwilling to perform duties of a scribe.
  • Organized mess- Something terrifying.
  • Writing in the back of the book- To be forgotten.
  • Signing your own work- To give up.


  1. Gather all knowledge, learn everything.
  2. Teach, it is the highest form of aid.
  3. Knowledge is the greatest power, treat it as such.
  4. Keep nothing hidden, lest it be forgotten.


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