Oathkeeper Hall


The Oathkeeper hall stands at the center of the Pious ward in New Crest. For the past 150 years it has trained the best and most zealous of many faiths. Within the hall there are many classes on honor, and courage, but a fair number of classes teach humility and wisdom.

The mission of The Oathkeeper Hall is to provide initiation for those who would take the calling of faith to raise up in arms against the unholy, evil, and monstrous. As such they often find themselves aligned against the fey, abominations, and fiends.

Oathkeeper hall is the formal training grounds of any who would call themselves a Paladin.

Applicants must meet the following prerequisites.

  1. Ability to pass a physical exam
  2. Pious relationship with a god
  3. Knowledge of an Oath
  4. A noble character reference

Applicants are usually not denied but may be pending on room within the hall.

Upon completion of Courses and taking of an oath, a Paladin is provided the following.

  1. Title, garment, armor, room and board appropriate to Oath.
  2. Access to Halls of the Divine.
  3. Ten Letters of Recommendation to serve.
  4. Contacts that may be used as council.

Members who don’t pass the courses must wait a year before attempting the trials, there is no limit to how many times you may attempt.

A member may be discharged upon defiling their oath or showing lack of conviction.

Oathkeeper Hall

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