Nilve Thalor


Nilve Thalor- Is the only city of the Crisideans. One can find the University of Crisidea here, as well as the Arcana Courts and College of Lore. It is a beautiful city filled with magic and wonder, which is preserved and presided over by a council of Arcane Wizards.

Population: 20,000
Government: Ruled by the Dominion of Nilve Thalor.
Defense: Arcane Wards, and barriers an army of 5,000 battle mages.
Commerce: Pristine works of art and magic.


Arcana Courts

College of Lore

University of Crisidea

Veneficus Field

Verrellion’s- A simple yet pristine inn run by a handsome and welcoming Crisidean who offers free bags of tea to any of his customers.


Arcane Steel- A Crisidean Artisan who offers basic, and Enchanted metalworks.

Medium Armor- Chain Shirt, Scale mail

Heavy Armor- Ring Mail, Chainmail, Shield.

Simple Weapons- Dagger, Handaxe, Light Hammer, Spear.

Martial Weapons- Katana, Wakizashi, Glaive.

Adventure Gear- Caltrops, Chain, Hammer, Pick, Iron Pot, Shovel, Iron Spikes.

Shi’s Art- A handsome Crisidean Shi owns this hunting store. He sells the following.

Light Armor- Leather.

Simple Ranged- Dart, Shortbow.

Martial Ranged-Yumi.

Adventuring Gear- Arrows, Bolts, Hunting Trap, Quiver, Rope.

Nilve Thalor

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