New Crest


New Crest- New Crest is the Capitol of Human civilization. It lies center most of the crest. It is a seafaring town, and as such has several busy mercantile districts. The College of Dance and Song is located at the heart of the city, and provides many bards for its lively Inn District. The Draconic assembly is also located in New Crest, it is an association of Wizards, Warlocks, and Sorcerers.

Population: 15,550
Government: Ruled by Emperor Orvath Galleon.
Defense: The royal Fleet comprised of nearly 100 ships, as well as a standing army of about 3,000.
Commerce: Many people flock to the great markets that litter this city. Just about any mundane item is purchasable in New Crest. New Crest is the Center of trade for all of Eastern Civilization.


Draconic Assembly- An Association of Wizards, Warlocks, and Sorcerers, whose duty is to aid the city in matters of the Arcane. They generally do not accept new members but do hire adventurers to complete their goals.

Temple of Tempus- A Large domed and arched temple that houses many of the relics of the God of War Tempus. Of all organized religion within the City, Tempus has the most worshipers.

College of Dance and Song-It is here that most bards get their formal training in the craft. Many of the Bards here compose song and dance for the inns and bars around the city. They are also often called upon to act as historians for various groups within the city.

Instruments, Arcane Foci, songs, dance, and professional bards.

Throne of The Crest Line Emperor- The Legendary throne-room where the Wars of Oppression ended.

Lonely Satyr- An Inn known for renting out rooms dirt cheap, with swill and grub to boot.


Algoth’s Alchemical Agency- Algoth runs this business, and he sells all kinds of alchemical goodies, usually based on favors, but occasionally just for trades of wealth.

Basic potions, and the occasional rarity.

The Ship’s Smithy- Several Apprentice blacksmiths, and Journeymen blacksmiths run this shop, they offer a wide variety of goods, for modest prices.

Metal Armors

Metal Weapons

Adventuring Gear- Traps, chains, nails, crowbars, hooks, skillets, and etc.

The Travelers Emporium- Run an aging man and his two sons, this stop offers many of the travelling basics, and all for barter.

Adventure Gear- Backpack, Bedroll, Blanket, Candle, Case, Clothes (Common and Traveller’s), Lamp, Lantern(Hooded), Mess kit, oil, pouch, rope, sack, soap, tents, tinderbox, torches, waterskin, and rations.

Leather workers guild- A hall that contracts out leather goods.

New Crest

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