List of Prophecies and Visions

Tam’s First Vision – The Eye of the Sunwatchers is the answer to restoring the magical connection to between other realms and Mythweald. The Eye will open the Shadow and Faerie.

Tam’s Second Vision – Orbs of blinding light and obfuscating shadow overly the following areas of Mythweald:
Light: Ashewood, Crisidea, Nubixis, and Mak-Nona.
Shadow: Sindaleth, Emberhearth, Osden, and Tila Estate.

The Stonecape Prophecy
The first gave in to bloodlust, which consumed his drive to spare.
The second fled in fear, forgetting himself in isolation.
The third was plagued by grief, losing his will to live.
The last drowned in despair, cursing his kin to suffer ill.
They can all be redeemed, each confronted by the truth –
For no matter how crooked their shadows, these heroes can still stand in the Light.

UPDATED 2/5/2017 – After the the Night Guard closed the door to the Dreadmire in Tila Estate, the shadow over Tila Estate dissipated.

UPDATED 3/18/2017 – After the Night Guard passed out of the Shadow through the door to the Feral Bosk in Ei’dath, the shadow over Ei’dath dissipated.

List of Prophecies and Visions

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