The Kimber-Guard is a militant order which is lead by King, and Bishop, Dagug Goldseeker.

One must meet the following prerequisites in order to join the Kimber-Guard.

  1. Applicant must be a Dwarf.
  2. Applicant must have served a 10 year tour within a dwarven army.
  3. Applicant must provide a letter of recommendation from a Duke.
  4. Applicant must pass physical exam.

Applicants can be denied for any of the following.

  1. Applicant fails physical exam.
  2. Applicant is an enemy of the state or church.
  3. Applicant is found to be lacking in temperament.
  4. Applicant is for any reason ill.
  5. Applicant is believed to be a court spy.

Upon acceptance, members will be provided.

  1. An estate, and holdings, backed by the King.
  2. Arms, Armors, Garments, and station bearing the King’s Coat of Arms.
  3. Signet and Seal of station.
  4. Privileged access to areas of Emberhearth.
  5. A yearly Stipend and bonus in addition to permission to collect taxes.

Membership is permanent, and is the only way to rise to the rank of Baron, Duke, or Abbot.


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