Homeland and Background

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The Vale
Due to the Vale’s deep and ancient connection to magic, its people are born with purple eyes and live abnormally longer lives. Valemen tend to be born with latent magical powers that keep them healthy, stronger, or more potent in magical force. When a Valemen reaches the age of 16 their magic usually manifests itself in one of three ways. Some are marked, the mark is a small purple symbol resembling a birthmark that they carry with them until death. Others may manifest elvish features, youthful looks, lithe frames or graceful movement. The most rare of manifestations are the Valeborn. A valeborn child often leaves a large impact on the world, their veins contain some of the magic bonded to the vale. If a Valeborn wields arcane powers their blood becomes bright purple and can be seen through their skin. Valemen can choose any background from any resource.

Crestline is known for their hardy young men, and their stout and fair women. At the age of 18 the Crestline Empire regards them as adults. From their eighteenth year onward they are required by law to join either the Imperial Navy, Army, or Mages. After two years of service they are free to do as they will so long as they pay their taxes. As a result, all Crestliners have the option of choosing the Sailor, Sage, or Soldier backgrounds, as well as the Guild Artisan, and Criminal backgrounds.

Gladraths are native to Ei’dath. They all share their early years playing in the woods, and learning from their elders. Most Gladrathi peoples feel a deep connection to their kin, as well as nature. After reaching adulthood, as an expression of freedom, Gladrathis choose their adult name. While many Gladrathis choose a life of solitude and empathy, there are many that join the various branches of service to their country. Some, but not many, Gladrathis feel a connection to divinity, these young elves often feel the call in early childhood and as a result are handpicked to serve Gladrathi gods. Gladrathis may choose the Acolyte, Sage, Hermit, or Soldier backgrounds, but may never be nobles as there are no ranks or nobility among them.

Crisideans live long and extraordinary lives. Many of them reach upwards of a thousand years of life, and don’t die naturally. Due to their lack of aging, Crisideans often pursue careers that span centuries of work. All Crisideans receive a formal education and often they pursue an education beyond their first two centuries. Crisideans strongly believe in order and infrastructure. All Crisideans can lay claim to the Sage, Hermit, and Acolyte backgrounds. Some of the less educated Crisideans might pick a background in Soldier, or Guild artisan. A crisidean should never pick the Criminal or Urchin backgrounds, as the strength of order flows deep within them, and all Crisideans rear their children.

Fjordins are born to large and expansive families in a very political and intrigue based society. Most know the power of deception and all acknowledge its neccessity in every day life. Many Fjordins do not have a choice in their futures. Being born to a family that serves their feudal like lords dictates their position. The few born to serve the gods are handpicked by the upper crust of Ulaa’s Church. Fjordins can choose many backgrounds. Noble, Acolyte, Criminal, and Soldier are the most common, but Guild artisan, Sailor, and Sage are possible. Fjordins are never considered outlanders, as all realms belong to the great god Ulaa.

People born to Nubixis are the forgotten or less common races. Due to the lack of consistent culture almost all are considered to be outlanders. Some may be sages or hermits who sought the exclusivity of the vast and dangerous maw lands. Others are criminals or urchins who fled to the lawless and harsh desert. One thing remains, the more educated Acolytes and Artisans would never find there origins here.

Homeland and Background

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