Dabbig’s Day- A day of celebration of the halfling Hero Dabbig, often called the last Shield, a play is held in his honor.

Frosted Hearth- Freaking christmas

Harvester’s Feast- A celebration of the end of the harvesting season. It is a massive banquet day filled with as many foods as can be eaten.

Hero’s Day- A holiday in Eldervale that celebrates the treaty proposed and enacted by the four heroes (Theodric, Elidyr, Dagug, and Balon) of the War of Oppression. The winners of the competition are given the title hero and added to the Heroes’ Guild.

Midsummer’s Boon- A holiday celebrating the joys and warmths of summer, typically a feast/banquet is held, and no work is done.

Moon’s Glow- A celebration of the longest night of the year, typically a play or dance is held.

Parade of Fools- A holiday where the townsfolk dress up in silly garments and the town turns into a giant food fight. The person with the least food on them wins a crown made of wood.

River Run- A ceremonial holiday where young Riverfolk of any gender gather at the Bunby River, and race a course along its length. This is to celebrate the breaking of the ice that gathers on the river. After the race there is a small feast consisting of potatoes, stews, and winter berries, where the winner sits on a pedestal and gets to pick his plate first.

Spring Festival- A festival celebrating the new growth of life in the world. People gather together and spend an afternoon sowing the fields and singing as well as playing music together, afterwards everyone sleeps in the following day.

Sun’s Set- A celebration of the longest day of the year, life goes on as normal, until about sunset where the townsfolk gather to watch as the longest day of the year ends. Traditionally this is the day to propose to a lover.

The Last Shield- A solemn halfling holiday that calls for the remembrance of the loss of halfling life during the wars of Oppression. Only bread and water are eaten.

Tide’s Yield- A Celebration of the Nibin Seas calming, typically during the Winter and Spring the sea is difficult to sail in due to its strength, but on the 3rd of SH through the 3rd of AB the seas are calmer and easier to navigate.


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