500: Crisideans exodus main continent, those that remain are called Gladraths and become Woodelves.
2010: Gladraths spread south and encroach Ashewood, causing the dismay of humans, by preventing expansion west.
2013: Crestliners “claim” Ashewood their own, kick out the Gladraths in mass, leaving many refugees to fend for themselves.
2015: Gladrath King declares the woods belong to them as much as they belong to the woods and demands the humans return or share the land.
2017: Crestliner Emperor retaliates by sending troops to secure woods, and slaughters hundreds of innocents, the “War of Oppression” begins

2022: Many soldiers die to causes “unknown”, Crestliners blame Gladraths, Gladraths claim ancient beasts within the wood.
2023: Crestliners forced to pull back from woods due to fear of total annihilation from unknown threats.
2028: Gladraths reclaim Ashewood, seemingly without effort.
2029 Fjordins begin to move to Crest’s aid, as they pay the most.

2030: Crestliners set fire to the woods burning the eastern half, Gladraths respond by killing Crestliner livestock in the Western fields.
2035: Crestliners win battle of Newcrest where elves sought to overwhelm capital in a crushing victory and drive Gladraths back into the woods

2038: Gladraths make desperate stand at Korin Head, Crestliners siege the town for 2 seasons, later reducing it to ashes due to a hasty assault.

2040: Gladraths assault Northernmost Crestline port of Osden, Crestline forces occupy Gladrath capital Sindaleth.
2048: Greatly renowned Heroes Dagug Goldseeker, Theodric the Old, Elidyr Ashebow, and Balon Steelsong support a treaty between all nations, and peace is met

2049: Crestliners Deoccupy Sindaleth, restitution is paid and homes are rebuilt
2050: Korin Head is rebuilt from the ground up, and its citizens paid a stipend for 2 years.
2052: Northernmost port of Osden is rebuilt with the aid of Valemen making it a refuge.

2055:Elder Vale is Declared a Sanctuary Land, Safe for all, no war allowed within its borders.
2056: Heroes’ Day founded.
2058: Ashewood rangers founded.

2059: Pabshaw becomes the most profitable city in the Vale region.
2062: Free trade is established between the Gladraths and Crestliners
2065: The Crisideans return claiming the devastation of their home continent
2068: Orvath Galleon, human heir of Newcrest, declared Emperor at 13, Kayles Lowborn appointed Reeve.
2069: Olivia Forde forms the thieves’ guild rises to political power

2072: Goldcrest patriarch named president
2073: New illness named “Seas’ Rot” plagues Pabshaw
2074: Goldcrest Patriarch dies of Seas’ Rot
2075: Heir apparent named temporary reeve
2076:Hornravens’ make key alliance with 2 minor families and “stem” the disease.
2078: Hornraven patriarch named president
2079: The Night Guard is founded as a group and adventures the underdark.
2080: The Emberhearth Inquisition starts.
2080: The Night Guard slay the Avatar of Myrkul during the Shaking of Mythweald.


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