Heroic Fate

Heroic Fate

Some people born to the world of Mythweald are born with a Heroic Fate, when they discover it any character may choose one of the following fates.

These fates act similarly to class features. They can be used in a variety of ways.

Reaping- Your fate involves the death of many foes. Alfo Has this fate.

Wayfinding- Your fate is one of roaming and always returning home. Tam has this fate.

Inspiration- Your fate is the stuff of legends. Val has this fate.

Uncertainty- Your fate is unknown. Glimpses into the future reveal what may be. Manuya Teoshi has this fate.

Courage- Your fate is to never back down! As bold as you can be, be brave and forthright! Celeste Hornraven has this fate.

Forgettable- Your fate is to be forgotten. It’s up to you to make that an advantage. Javen Katyr has this fate.

Heroic Fate

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