This will be a list of The Heroes in Mythweald with a link to their biography.

Original Heroes

Balon Steelsong-Mayor of Eldervale
Dagug Goldseeker-King and Bishop of Emberhearth
Elidyr Ashebow-King of Sindaleth
Sir Theodric the Old-Knight of New Crest

New Heroes

Haveron “The Heartbreaker” Oliandis-President of Pabshaw
Everett and Clotilde Oakbottom-Ashewood Rangers
Redrick Tramdus-Steward of Tila Estate
Grud Smasher Jr.-Torturer of Tila Estate
Magnolia-Bodyguard for Valerian Redwyne
Baldwin Le Roux-Tax collector for Tila Estate
Atreas Menella-Hunter of the Ashewood Rangers
Genquen Silverquiver-Ashewood Ranger
Pyria Gleamstride-Circle of the Swamp Druid
Pyramus Artinos- Eldritch Knight
Lady Sunwhisper- Light Domain Cleric


Taryn Riverhopper-Former Guild Enforcer

Our Heroes

The Night Guard


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