When a dragon in polymorphed form mates with another creature, the union sometimes produces half-dragon offspring. A creature might also transform into a half-dragon as a result of a mad wizard’s spell or a ritual bath in dragon’s blood. In all these cases, the result is a creature that combines the essence of a dragon with the form of its original race. Regardless of origin, all half-dragon’s have similar appearances and special abilities.

Draconic Nature. Half-dragons can’t procreate. Those that wish to do so must almost always resort to magic. By way of compensation, half-dragon’s life span is twice that of its nondraconic line, so that a half-dragon human might live more than a century and a half.

Half-dragons inherit personality traits common to their draconic heritage. For example, half-gold dragons are often shy and secretive, while half-copper dragons are impish and playful. Half-green dragons are deceitful, and half-white dragons are dim-witted brutes. These traits are tempered by a half-dragon;s other lineage, but greed, arrogance, and paranoia are qualities that even good half-dragons often possess.


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