Grim Warden

“I’m not really one for titles” – Alfo Nightmantle

Basic Concept

Wardens have one job: the protection of their charge. They are loyal, determined, and steadfast, fighting a warden may feel like trying scale a mountain. One who’s called a Grim Warden has a darker purpose, laying down the lives of any that would get in the way of his goal with a ferocity of a rabid animal.

How it Came to Be

Adventuring groups commonly have someone who’s ready to take a few hits for the team, but there’s something unsettling about the nature of Alfo’s fighting. Onlookers and survivors see two black animals charging into the battlefield, crushing skulls with his bare hands, teeth glistening with blood and viscera. It’s not clear what Alfo is protecting, but his methods prove that he will fight for it until the second his heart stops beating.

Unique to the Mixture

As a Grim Warden, Alfo is adept at any and all weapons he can get his hands on. He can take as many hits as may come, even jumping in the way of attacks not targeting him at all. His strength and constitution are immense, and his bond with Shadow makes it as though he’s always attacking from two sides.

Grim Warden

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