Glutton's Teeth


“Atop the distant hill lies a fortress surrounded by several spikes of stone jutting out as teeth, and from bottom of the hill to the front gates, marching in an orderly fashion is an army, an army filled with, trolls, ogres, hobgoblins, goblins and bugbears.” -DM Drew’s Description

A fortressed steeped in mystery, suspended above a yawning chasm, deep within the Underdark. It is told that the Fjordins, in league with the ancient Arkhosians built this wonder to act as a stronghold for further exploration of the Underdark.

Here is where the Arcane Forge was created. The Night Guard discovered that the Arcane Forge was actually a magical blacksmith’s hammer, that could conjure or convert magical items by summoning a forge itself.

Glutton’s Teeth was not always know as such. It was once a place of power and beauty. Until the Shadow of the Underdark corrupted it. He raised pillars from the shadow realm to guard and deter the nearby inhabitants.

With the previous tyrant deposed however, Glutton’s teeth fell into turmoil. Invaded by Drow, besieged by the Hobgoblin Host, and inhabited by kobolds, the fortress quickly became a deathtrap, and one that our heroes needed to wade through if they wished to ever feel the sun’s grace.

In the end, the Night Guard fled Glutton’s Teeth, leaving the Brass Golem, Purple Wurm, and Dracolich, to fight one another.

Glutton's Teeth

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