“Two swords, one axe, a spear, a hammer, a large crossbow, 2 chainmail suits, a pair of greaves and a handful of whatever chocolates those are behind the counter.” Lloyd, the Human fighter to a Shopkeep.


Banneret- Inspire greatness in others by committing brave deeds in battle.

Crestliners, Valemen, and Crisideans make excellent Bannerets

Champion- Develop raw power, and hone it to deadly perfection.

Any race can be a champion if you so desire.

Battle Master- Learn Maneuvers and tactics, outsmart your opponents.

Crestliners, Fjordins, and Gladrathi are the most exceptional Battle Masters.

Eldritch Knight- Combine martial prowess, and Arcane arts to battle your foes.

Crisideans, Fjordins, and Valemen have a penchant for this Subclass.

Coming Soon!
Arcane Archer- Wields magical arrows.
Cavalier- Charges into battle, with or without a horse.
Samurai- Fights for their clan, and master.

Possible Training or Faction Ties


The Warring Field

Veneficus Field



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