Elder Vale


Elder Vale- Primarily a city of heroes. Most of the people here are happy peasants who go about their daily lives without fear of much danger as they live close to the City of Newcrest, only a week away by horse. It has a good following of the gods Chauntea, and Lathander, they revere the cycles of life and celebrate 4 big holidays: Harvester’s Feast, Sun’s Set, Heroes’ Day, and Frosted Hearth.

Population: 15,240
Government: Ruled by Balon Steelson, and his daughter Selsia Steelsong.
Defense: Balon has 2500 personal soldiers, and a citizen militia.
Commerce: Basic supplies from the inn and trading post. Other goods from travelling merchants.


Shrine to Chauntea- A woman with a rose surrounded by grain; the farmers here worship her, but the religion is not organized.

Church of Lathander- A sunrise in a valley, the Morninglord, followers are called awakened, and clerics called dawnbringers, his followers wear yellows, oranges, and whites. The head Priest is Roddy Barleysow


Library of Oghma- Run by Syl Spellweaver, it has a public section for the simpler folk and a restricted area for wizards or those deemed allowed by Syl himself. He will sell the following.

Hero’s Guild- Run by Selsia Steelsong, she sends heroes out on their first missions and funds them to get them started, she asks for donations from heroes who have prevailed.

The Grinning Goblin- Elder Vale’s only Tavern, a large building meant to serve heroes. It has dozens of bedrooms, and a common room large enough to seat a little over 100. Its proprietor is Godfried Stonecutter.


Bearmund’s Steel- A young human blacksmith, who is balding. He sells the following.

Medium Armor- Chain Shirt, Scale mail

Heavy Armor- Ring Mail, Chainmail, Shield.

Simple Weapons- Dagger, Handaxe, Light Hammer, Spear.

Martial Weapons- Longsword, Battle Axe, Shortsword, Warhammer.

Adventure Gear- Caltrops, Chain, Hammer, Pick, Iron Pot, Shovel, Iron Spikes.

The Bow and String- A handsome elven Hunter owns this hunting store. He sells the following.

Light Armor- Leather.

Simple Ranged- Dart, Shortbow.

Martial Ranged- Longbow.

Adventuring Gear- Arrows, Bolts, Hunting Trap, Quiver, Rope.

The Wanderer’s Stop- Run by two halfling brothers Brin and Yogel. They sell the following.

Adventure Gear- Backpack, Bedroll, Blanket, Candle, Case, Clothes (Common and Traveller’s), Lamp, Lantern(Hooded), Mess kit, oil, pouch, rope, sack, soap, tents, tinderbox, torches, waterskin, and rations.

Lead to Gold- Alchemist store run by an old gnome. She sells the following.

Adventure Gear- Acid, Antitoxin, Component Pouch, Perfume, Potions of Healing, and Vials.

Elder Vale

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