The Epic collection of all actions critical. Both blunders and successes are cataloged here.


Alfo – Waits 2 turns, natural 20 across a multiple check obstacle.

Valerian Redywne – Double nat 20 to use a rusty old dagger as a lockpick.

Pateirn- Not really a crit, but he summoned the Lord of Unicorns.

Pateirn – After being hungover, imprisoned, and losing a finger. Natural 20 Intelligence to remember, and piece together, the events that happened while on Shrooms, Knockout Poison, and too many drinks.

Mitch – battling being controlled by his own amulet, rolls a natural 20 to resist domination. “See ya on the flip side.”

Alfo – natural 20 to calm Shadow down and encourage her onto the boat.

Shadow – natural 20 to smell Manny and decide he’s a friend.

Valerian Redywne- trying to recall information about goblinoid religion, natural 20 to remember everything there is to know about the subject.

Valerian Redywne – intimidating goblins at the war camp, natural 20 to order them out of his way and utterly subjugate them.

Valerian Redywne- Natural 20 Intelligence to know everything there is to know about Vampires. (Val sure has some weird interests.)

Tamerlane (“Tam”) Redwyne – First Persuasion check ever, nat 20 to stop Elidyr from killing the party.

Valerian Redywne – fighting an Air Elemental, nat 20 to remember he learned everything about them. (Again, Val?!)

Manuya Teoshi – multiple critical successes earn him a new potion shop, almost entirely by accident.

Valerian Redywne – Val the Trivia Master – nat 20 to recall everything there is to know about the history of Sindaleth’s line of elven kings.

Valerian Redywne – not really a crit, but the first 30 of the campaign. Rolled to lie to a shady black market shopkeeper and convince him that Val knew a noble in Pabshaw named Valerian Redwyne.

Valerian Redywne – Trying to make sure Manny acquires his potion shop legally; nat 20 to know everything there is to know about how property transfer works. (Seriously, Val?!)

Alfo – Natural 20 to brew supremely excellent mead – twice!! Alfo becomes a master brewer.


Val – First time shooting his hand crossbow, natural one and hits his cousin.

Pateirn – Takes night watch, natural 1, party is captured by orcs.

Pateirn – Attempted to grapple the war chief, rolled a nat 1 and was actually pulled to the ground himself.

Durasho/Orog – While being killed by shadow, natural 1 to save from being pulled to ground.

Manny – after bragging about the ease of killing goblins, nat 1 to firebolt a goblin, hits Alfo instead.

The Double Dagger Fumble – while trying to attack Tam and Val, the twin Drow servants of entropy both lost hold of their daggers, which were then recovered by the cousins.

Derpus the Alchemist – Nat 1 Persuasion to strike a deal with Val, gave up Golden Ice poison for almost nothing.

Elidyr Ashebow – Fighting the Night Guard, nat 1 and drops his bow.

Manuya Teoshi – In the Feral Bosk, nat 1 to firebolt and hits Alfo in the back again. (Strike 2, Manny…)

Manuya Teoshi – trying to look after his new potion shop, multiple critical failures ensure he can’t find the original proprietor, and even worse he drops a potion on himself and turns into a cloud.

Tam – in cat form, eavesdropping in a tavern, rolls a 1 (on d100) and is arrested and taken to the pound by Animal Control.


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