College of Lore

The College of Lore accepts applications from any who would learn the lore of Mythweald and its denizens.

Applicants must meet the following prerequisites.

  1. Proficiency in an instrument.
  2. Proficient knowledge of History.
  3. Ability to pass Oral, Musical, and Written Exams.
  4. Letter of Recommendation from another Bard, Innkeep, or Alumni.

Applicants may be rejected if for any of the following.

  1. Applicant fails 2 of 3 exams.
  2. Applicant can no longer play an instrument.
  3. Applicant is deemed too mischievous.
  4. Applicant has been convicted of any crime.

Upon acceptance, a member will be provided.

  1. Accredited study options.
  2. Room and Board for duration of studies.
  3. Contacts by which they can make a living.
  4. Opportunities to explore and learn.

Members generally aren’t removed from the college, but the Dean retains privilege to suspend.

College of Lore

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