“Some work as healers, mending the sick, and tending their flocks. Others act as beacons of hope, gathering followers in the face of great peril. All represent the will of the gods, agents who wield divine powers not even they understand.”-14th Dictum of the Gods Writ.


Arcane- Represent the force that fuels both destruction and creation.

Gods: Mystra, Auril, Azuth, Correllon, Leira, and Savras.

Knowledge- Learn the secrets of the world, tap into a divine well of knowledge, and read the thoughts of your foes.

Gods: Oghma, Savras, and Moradin.

Life- Heal the sick, and smite the evil. Fight undeath and shelter the living.

Gods: Lathander, Chauntea, Lliira, and Ehlonna.

Light- Be the sun’s vessel and pour divine radiance upon the wicked.

Gods: Lathander, Ulaa, Lliira and Moradin.

Nature- Commune with the natural world, preserve sacred rites and hunt monsters.

Gods: Silvanus, Yondalla, Ehlonna, and Rillifane.

Tempest- Be one with the raging storm, unleash the fury of gods.

Gods: Auril, and Talos.

Trickery- Liberate the people, rebel against order, mock tyrants, and steal from the rich.

Gods: Waukeen, Malar, and Mask.

War- Excel in battle, Inspire others, Champion your god on the battlefield.

Gods: Tempus, Torm, Tyr, Heironeous, Helm, Tritheon, Eldath, Hiddukel, Bane, Cyric, Bhaal, and -Iuz.

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Forge- Ulaa, Correllon and Moradin
Grave- Myrkul, and Auril.

Possible Training or Faction Ties

Temple of Ulaa

The Warring Field



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