Chivalric Knights


With the dissolving of Pabshaw authority, the Order of Chivalric Knights moved their headquarters to Greycastle.

The Chivalric Knights seek to better the lives of Mythweald’s denizens by setting an ethical, and morally rich example. They often throw themselves behind causes tied to the underdogs, common man, and poor.

The Order of the Chivalric Knights has 4 core tenets each relating to Justice and Morals.

1. Measure another only by the values you measure yourself.
2. Be merciful in your judgement, allow redemption to those that seek it.
3. Endanger no innocence, and harbor no evil.
4. Live a life of piety, have faith in the deeds of your gods.

In order to obtain membership an applicant must meet the following prerequisites.

  1. Applicant must pass a physical test.
  2. Applicant must have passed training within Oathkeeper Hall.
  3. Applicant must have 20 Character references.
  4. Applicant must display Divine Presence.

Upon application you can be rejected for any of the following reasons.

  1. Your character is of question.
  2. You fail the physical exam.
  3. You have a previous oath that denies the Order’s oath.
  4. You cannot display Divine Presence.
  5. Any reason chosen by Sir Holgrim

Upon acceptance of application and oath a new member will be provided

  1. Station, room, board, and weapon befitting a knight.
  2. Signet and Seal of Station.
  3. Letters of Authority within applicable realms.

A member may be Discharged following any incident deemed necessary by Sir Holgrim.

Chivalric Knights

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