Character Creation

The following links can help you create a Character.

Make sure you know what Campaign style we are playing before you create your character.


Homeland and Background

And lastly Class

  • Barbarian- Warriors driven by primal instinct and a knack for danger.
  • Bard- Wielders of Music and magic, out to experience it all.
  • Cleric- Healers, Warriors, and Divine Agents.
  • Cursed Bloodline- A powerful family curse supplies you with power, for a price.
  • Druid- Wielders of Nature’s power, who seek to preserve the balance.
  • Fighter- Well-rounded specialists, trained for danger.
  • Grim Warden- Those with a background in survival, and a future in combat.
  • Monk- Ki wielding ascetics.
  • Paladin- Adventurers who take up the cause of righteousness.
  • Ranger- Deadly and independent hunters.
  • Rogue- Skill, precision, and a shady lifestyle.
  • Shadow Singer- Song, Shadow, Magic, and Skill.
  • Sorcerer- Raw magic wielders, with unexplained powers.
  • Lord of Vermin- Little Critters, Large Swarms.
  • Warlock- Delvers of secrets, sworn and beholden.
  • Wizard- Scholars of the Arcane, allured by knowledge.
  • Others at my approval-

Character Creation

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