Bonus Actions


  • Enter or end Rage – Barbarian level 1 Rage feature.
  • Make a melee weapon attack while raging – Barbarian/Path of the Berserker level 3 Frenzy feature.
  • Dash – Barbarian/Path of the Totem Warrior level 3 Eagle Totem Spirit feature.
  • Knock a Large or smaller creature prone when you hit it in melee – Barbarian/Path of the Totem Warrior level 14 Wolf Totemic Attunement feature.


  • Give Bardic Inspiration to a creature – Bard level 1 Bardic Inspiration feature.
  • Make a weapon attack if you use your action to cast a Bard spell – Bard/College of Valor level 14 Battle Magic feature.


  • Command creatures charmed by your Charm Animals and Plants feature – Cleric/Nature level 17 Master of Nature feature.
  • Move your illusion – Cleric/Trickery level 2 Invoke Duplicity feature
  • Move all of your illusions – Cleric/Trickery level 17 Improved Duplicity feature
  • Make one weapon attack when you take the Attack action – Cleric/War level 1 War Priest feature.


  • Revert to your normal form – Druid level 2 Wild Shape feature.
  • Use Wild Shape – Druid/Circle of the Moon level 2 Combat Wild Shape feature.
  • Regain HP by expending a spell slot while transformed – Druid/Circle of the Moon level 2 Combat Wild Shape feature.


  • Second Wind – regain 1d10+CL HP – Fighter level 1 feature.
  • Commander’s Strike – give a friend a free attack as a reaction – Fighter/Battle Master maneuver.
  • Feinting Attack – get advantage on the next attack roll – Fighter/Battle Master maneuver.
  • Rally – add temporary HP to a friend – Fighter/Battle Master maneuver.
  • Summon a bonded weapon – Fighter/Eldritch Knight level 3 Weapon Bond feature.
  • Weapon attack when you cast a cantrip as your action – Fighter/Eldritch Knight level 7 War Magic feature
  • Weapon attack when you cast a spell as your action – Fighter/Eldritch Knight level 18 Improved War Magic feature


  • Unarmed Strike when you use the Attack action with an unarmed strike or monk weapon – Monk level 1 Martial Arts feature.
  • Flurry of Blows, Dodge, Disengage, Dash – Monk level 2 Ki feature.
  • Teleport up to 60ft – Monk/Way of Shadow level 6 Shadow Step feature.
  • Water Whip – Monk/Way of the Four Elements discipline.


  • Cast a Paladin spell with a casting time of 1 action – Paladin/Oath of the Ancients level 20 Elder Champion feature.
  • Vow of Enmity – advantage on attack rolls against one creature – Paladin/Oath of Vengeance level 3 Channel Divinity feature.


  • Hide – as the action – Ranger level 14 Vanish feature.
  • Command your companion to Dash, Disengage, Dodge, or Help – Ranger/Beast Master level 7 Exceptional Training feature.


  • Dash, Disengage, Hide – as the same action – Rogue level 2 Cuning Action feature.
  • Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) check, use thieves’ tools to disarm a trap or open a lock, Use an Object – Rogue/Thief level 3 Fast Hands feature.
  • Control a Mage Hand created by the cantrip – Rogue/Arcane Trickster level 3 Mage Hand Legerdemain feature.
  • Distract a target with your Mage Hand – gives you advantage on attack rolls – Rogue/Arcane Trickster level 13 Versatile Trickster feature.


  • Convert between spell slots and sorcery points – Sorcerer level 2 Flexible Casting feature.
  • Cast a spell with casting time of 1 action – Sorcerer Quickened Spell metamagic.
  • Create or dismiss dragon wings – Sorcerer/Draconic Bloodline level 14 Dragon Wings feature.
  • Teleport up to 20ft – Wild Magic Surge effect.


  • Make an illusory object real – Wizard/Illusion level 14 Illusory Reality feature.


  • Make a weapon attack or shove a creature when you use the Dash action – Charger feat.
  • Attack with a hand crossbow when you attack with a one-handed weapon – Crossbow Master feat.
  • Make a melee weapon attack when you crit or reduce a creature to 0 – Great Weapon Master feat.
  • Melee weapon attack with the opposite end of a weapon – Polearm Master feat.
  • Attempt a grapple when you hit with unarmed strike or improvised weapon – Tavern Brawler feat.

Spells with a casting time of a bonus action

Banishing Smite, Blinding Smite, Branding Smite, Compelled Duel, Divine Favor, Divine Word, Ensnaring, Strike, Expeditious Retreat, Flame Blade, Grasping Vine, Hail of Thorns, Healing Word, Hex, Hunter’s Mark, Lightning Arrow, Magic Weapon, Mass Healing Word, Misty Step, Sanctuary, Searing Smite, Shield of Faith, Shillelagh, Spiritual Weapon, Staggering Smite, Swift Quiver, Thunderous Smite, Wrathful Smite

Spells which allow you to do something as a bonus action

Animate Dead, Animate Objects, Create Undead, Dancing Lights, Flaming Sphere, Grasping Vine, Mordenkainen’s Sword, Spiritual Weapon, Unseen Servant – command summoned creatures or objects.

  • Arcane Gate – rotate the gate.
  • Aura of Vitality – heal one creature in range for 2d6 HP.
  • Bigby’s Hand – move the hand or crush a grappled creature.
  • Compulsion – command targets to move in a direction of your choice.
  • Expeditious Retreat – Dash, as the action.
  • Flame Blade – resummon the blade if you dropped it.
  • Gust of Wind – change direction of the wind.
  • Heat Metal – cause the spell’s damage again.
  • Hex – move the curse on another creature, if the cursed creature died.
  • Hunter’s Mark – move the mark on another creature, if the marked creature died.
  • Mislead – switch between using your senses or those of your illusion.
  • Swift Quiver – make two attacks which use ammunition.


  • Attack with an off-hand weapon – Two-weapon fighting.

Bonus Actions

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