“How many paladins does it take to light a torch? One to strike the flint, another to UPHOLD THE LIGHT.” -Source Unknown.


College of Lore- Swap songs, and stories, boast of triumphs, and accomplishments.

Crisideans, Tritons, Valemen, and Riverfolk enjoy this kind of career.

College of Valor- Dare to be the stuff of legends, inspire a new generation of warriors.

Valemen, Crestliners, Fjordins, and Tritons see a lot of potential in this school.

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College of Swords- Entertain through feats of daring martial prowess.
College of Whispers- Become a wolf among sheep.
College of Glamour- Master the craft of the violent and chaotic faerie.

Possible Training or Faction Ties

College of Fates

College of Lore


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