“His opponent lay before him in a sorry state, mangled, and lying in a pool of his own blood. Nargnvald detached his horn from his belt and filled it with the crimson fluid. Drinking deeply from the horn, Nargnvald was filled with fury, such fury that no man would dare challenge him again. -Epic of Nargnvald, the Berserker of Osden.


The Berserker- Rage, is best used as means to an end. Wield furious, wet-with-blood rage as your weapon. Oblivious to danger, and unafraid to die.

The Totem Warrior- Rage is a spiritual journey. Wield the rage of beasts as a tool that fuels your might.

The Battle Rager- Wear bulky spiked armor and throw yourself at the enemy, literally. Dwarf Only!

Possible Training or Faction Ties

Clan-Wrath-Hammer- Dwarven only.

The Warring Field



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