Ashewood Hall

Ashewood hall is home to the Ashewood Rangers.

Since the Shaking of Mythweald, the Ashewood rangers have become focused on the regrowth of Ashewood. Most of their membership travel seeking powerful artifacts, magical abilities, allies or monsters that could help them to regrow the damage caused.

In order to receive membership withing the halls one must meet the following prerequisites.

  1. Applicant must have background in Survival and or Nature.
  2. Applicant must pass a physical examination payed for and provided by the hall.

An applicant will be rejected for any of the following.

  1. Applicant failed Physical Exam.
  2. Applicant is stripped of Hero Title.
  3. Applicant is found to be an enemy of nature.

Upon acceptance applicants will obtain.

  1. A proper Ashewood bow.
  2. Garments, title, room and board as appropriate per position.

Membership within the Ashewood hall is permanent unless its vows are not met.

Ashewood Hall

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