Tag: Tila Estate


  • Pyria Gleamstride

    A druid of the Swamp circle, Pyria joined up with the heroes guild soon after [[The Night Guard]]. Her friends and pets all share her responsibilities. Now she patrols the borders of Tila estate.

  • Genquen Silverquiver

    Genquen was born to an old (even by gladrath standards) couple. With all the care and nurturing he received, he became quite spoiled and a bit of a show off. After signing up with the Ashewood rangers, Redrick , and Everett conspired together to make sure …

  • Magnolia

    Magnolia comes from the south. Where exactly she won't say, but she claims to have learned her blade skills from the Crisideans. Her prowess with her blade made her a hero, and [[The Night Guard]] hired her, and her adventuring companions to act as an …

  • Adder Goldcrest

    Adder grew up in the upper elite of Crestline. Naturally miffed by some of the goings on, and owing Redrick a favor, he was turned into an informant. For a price of course. Smells like elderberries according to Val's inspection of a letter Adder sent.

  • Baldwin Le Roux

    Baldwin was born to a small family. His father raised him to do as he was told. Now Baldwin does as he is told. Recently, [[The Night Guard]] Hired him to collect taxes and tolls, and Redrick told him to collect them. Baldwin is now collecting taxes and …

  • Grud Smasher Jr.

    Grud was born like most half-orcs, violently. He has since picked up the titles Grud the Petty, Grud the Cruel, Grud the Smasher, and Grud the Torturer. That last one got him a good job servicing as the Warden for Tila Estate Dungeon.

  • Alador Copperheart

    Alador used to be the Marshall for Ironmaw fortress. He of course didn't mind working for Emberhearth, but hated the idea of never using his skill set. He and his like minded friends set off to become heroes. Afterwards, they were hired by Redrick, who …

  • Kiran Poole

    Kiran was born to a riverfolk family who settled upon the Greylake in southern Crest. He became familiar with many types of transportation, tracking, mapping, and a slew of other survival skills. When the Greylake Rangers set out to hire a new …

  • Atreas Menella

    Born to a small, and close-knit family, Atreas was never want for attention. In fact he really didn't want any at all. Although he feels a strong bond to the Vale, he really loves the woods. So with the Ashewood rangers in mind, Atreas began to practice …

  • Dodrum Agateskin

    Born and raised in Emberhearth, Dodrum wasn't always a priest. In fact he only recently made the change from elder (read council member) to Fatherly duties. He's fond of the drink and we all know it.

  • Murrus

    Raised during the prohibition days of Emberhearth, Murrus spent his youth as a smuggler, thief, layabout, and scallywag. Now he spends his time teaching others how to avoid dangers.