Tag: Ally


  • Adder Goldcrest

    Adder grew up in the upper elite of Crestline. Naturally miffed by some of the goings on, and owing Redrick a favor, he was turned into an informant. For a price of course. Smells like elderberries according to Val's inspection of a letter Adder sent.

  • Syllariss (Syl) Spellweaver

    Syl has a long backstory, convoluted by his many realities, dreams, experiences with arcana, and travels. Suffice it to say, he has the interests of Mythweald at heart. As for now you can know that he grew up in a High Elven city. His father was a …

  • Mitch Barlow

    Samuel Evern was Mitch's apprentice, but when the two became trapped underground, Samuel was driven insane, and slew Mitch in his sleep. Due to some unforseen event, Mitch was granted life during his travel to the Shadow Plane of Dread Mire. After [[ …

  • Redrick Tramdus

    Redrick attended [[Oathkeeper Hall]] as a youth, and by the time he graduated he pledged an Oath of Devotion. Although he may be brawny, do not underestimate his intelligence. Redrick is quite fond of math, and as a devout worshiper of [[Waukeen]], he …