Cruelty and Compassion
New friends and unexpected developments

At the stroke of midnight, in a blinding flash of light, Pateirn disappeared! In his place stood a stranger – a tall and otherworldly-looking Yuan-Ti, who introduced himself as Manuya Teoshi.

The party was initially suspicious, but Shadow’s immediate trust of Manny put everyone at ease. The Rangers also greeted Manny as an old friend – one of the Heroes’ Guild’s first Heroes. Manny explained that he was sent by Oghma to aid the Night Guard in their quest. Keeping sight of their goal, the group continued down the tunnel. During the long walk, Alfo was plagued by memories of his first near-death experience, and felt deeply unsettled.

The group arrived at a large cavern, and examined it for traps. Manny found a pit trap and Val skillfully disarmed a tripwire. The group then took the opportunity to rest, with Val on watch. Manny spent some time talking to his “friend” Oghma, to the mild confusion of everyone else.

After this peaceful interlude, the group set off again, but soon encountered goblins. Their leader/Booyahg used a magic wand to cast Fireball, seriously injuring Clotilde, Redrick and Shadow. The party scrambled to heal their fallen friends, while a magical duel ensued: Val cast Stinking Cloud to incapacitate the enemy goblins, but the Booyahg cast a gust of wind that dispersed the cloud. Alfo and Redrick fought Booyahg fiercely, yet wild magic fortuitously healed the tiny foe. Alfo was frustrated even further when Manny accidentally hit him with a fireball. Finally the Booyahg was overwhelmed and devoured by a rat swarm.

The group took a few moments to heal up and collect themselves after this encounter. Meanwhile, Val and a few others poked around in the side tunnels looking for loot, but instead discovered a hallway filled with goblin-made net traps. One of the victims – a humble drow peasant named Talila – was still alive! Tam freed her from the net and the party escorted her to safety as goblins advanced down the trap-filled hallway.

Manny handily dispatched the entire party of goblins with a well-placed fireball, but the danger was far from over: in the distance, the war horn of a Hobgoblin host rang out. The sound struck terror into Alfo’s heart, and the rest of the group realized they needed to move fast in order to survive the advancing horde. While Val scouted out a route to the nearby Glutton’s Teeth fortress, the rest of the group questioned Talila, who admitted that her people, the drow, had captured the fortress and trapped most of the entrances days ago. After promising not to give away the group’s location, Talila quickly vanished down a tunnel.

The group stood at an impasse. Some party members favored aiding the drow in their efforts to maintain control of the fortress, but others insisted that allying with the advancing Hobgoblin host would give them an easier path into the fortress and to their goal, the elevator to the surface. While the debate continued, the group rested in magical shelter provided by Val. The safety and company of his friends helped Alfo resist his paranoia and settle his nerves.

Meanwhile, Val thought back to his years in school, searching for memories of information that could help the group avoid the wrath of the Hobgoblin army. To his delight, his recollection of the details goblinoid religion – one of his favorite subjects in school – was absolute. Val and Alfo, with the support of the group, hatched a plan to infiltrate the Hobgoblin forces, disguised as messengers from Maglubiyet, the hobgoblin god of cruelty. Alfo’s crafting skills came in handy as he fashioned a Deva disguise for Manny; Val chose simply to rely on his imposing demeanor to maintain the upper hand.

Disguised as a Deva messenger of Maglubiyet and the Deva’s human emissary, and with the chains binding two “subjects” – Alfo and Tam – in hand, Manny and Val set off to coerce and deceive the Hobgoblin war leaders into cooperation. The goblins and bugbears at the gate were easily intimidated, but the clever Hobgoblin warlord proved a match even for Val – especially since Alfo and Tam had difficulty maintaining their deference as “terrified prisoners.” Fortunately, Val’s luck held, and the warlord was convinced: the Deva and Maglubiyet’s emissary would enter the Glutton’s Teeth fortress via a hidden sewer grate, clear the fortress, and open the main doors for the triumphant Hobgoblin horde, at which point the “prisoners” would be sacrificed to bring glory to Maglubiyet.

Once the plan was laid out, the party returned to the Rangers’ hiding place to prepare for their upcoming infiltration mission. Manny took the opportunity to craft a few potions and other items that could prove helpful in the battle, while Alfo restored his even temper and mental clarity with the help of a good dose of Feywine. Finally, the group discussed the hazards they expected to encounter: traps, dungeon monsters, and of course the Drow, who they still regarded as both potential allies… and, given their history with the Night Guard, very likely enemies.

The battle loomed ahead…

Best Line goes to Alfo:

(While the group is brainstorming how to prevent Alfo and Tam’s execution by beheading upon finally entering the Glutton’s Teeth fortress)
Alfo: Guys!! I could craft our heads!

Best RP goes to Val, for enjoying intimidation and subjugation of goblins a little too much.


00:00 – In the wake of the group’s victory, Pat vanishes, and Manuya Teoshi (Manny) appears in his place. Introductions are made.
00:30 – The group continues along the tunnel.
01:00 – The group encounters and avoid a pit trap, then takes the opportunity to rest and recuperate.
02:00 – Continuing along the hallway, the group is ambushed by goblins and their magic-using leader. The group is unprepared to deal with the goblin’s magical attacks and repeated accidental regeneration, but finally manages to defeat him, although Clotilde and Redrick sustain serious injury.
02:30 – The group encounters a hallway filled with prisoners trapped in goblin nets. One, a drow, is freed and carried to safety as the group flees from approaching goblins. Manny fireballs the goblins.
03:30 – Val scouts ahead and spies the Glutton’s Teeth, not far ahead, being assailed by a goblin army.
05:30 – The party takes the opportunity to rest and plan.

[Long Rest]

13:30 – Val and Manny pretend to be emissaries of the hobgoblins’ cruel overgod, and with the help of Alfo’s costuming skills, succeed in intimidating the hobgoblin Warlord and gaining his cooperation.
15:30 – The group returns to the Rangers to rest, prepare, and discuss their plan of attack.
16:00 – The battle looms ahead…

Under the Drow City
Sneaking through the shadows

The Night Guard and their companions swiftly looted the boat of the defeated drow crew. They took 15gp, 20sp, and the drow captain’s shining armor, which Pateirn identified as Glamour Armor. He reasoned that the armor’s blinding effects were due to flash powder. Most importantly, the group found an ominous note, which read only:


The group decided to paddle towards a nearby shore where they could camp, regroup, rest, and discuss their next steps. On the journey, the Rangers explained that a large drow city lay nearby, directly in the group’s path towards Glutton’s Teeth. They also noted that the persistent attacks by drow were unusual: drow are ambush specialists, and their pursuit of the party defied expectations.

Upon arrival at the shore, the group made camp, and the more seriously injured individuals – namely Redrick – settled in for a much needed rest. Shadow was ecstatic to be back on land. The entire group rested and recovered over the next several peaceful hours.

After resting , the group gathered to share a fortifying meal that the Rangers brought along, and discussed strategy for the next part of their journey. Everitt explained that the group faced a difficult choice: either continue across Darklake, or take another path through tunnels. He pointed out that tunnels in the Underdark often shift and collapse, complicating travel, and that the tunnels directly underneath the drow city were likely filled with Thri-keen and other threats. But the alternative was risky too: the route across Darklake passed through a monument called the Stone Pillars, home to a mad drow wizard who was rumored to drown passers-by in whirlpools while cackling with glee. The group decided to continue through the tunnels.

The group set off, under a cloak of silence and stealth, into the tunnels under the drow city. Almost immediately they encountered an east/west split in the path. Pateirn assessed the situation and determined that the eastern path was newer, marked with fresh boot prints and pick marks, and likely used by drow – too great a risk. The group continued along the path leading westward.

As the group continued, the tunnel began to descend, and their surroundings began to grow warm, then hot. Finally, the air was nearly too stifling to breathe, and the halfling Rangers grew faint from the heat. The group was in the center of an immense spinning geode. Surrounded by treacherous molten rock, they tiptoed along the fragile path across the hazard. Redrick slipped, but was only mildly burned. Finally the path began to lead back upward and the group left the geode far behind.

The group heard the sound of falling stones and rubble, and immediately encountered a caved-in part of the tunnel. The main route was therefore blocked, but an east/west choice of side tunnels remained available. Pateirn recalled that goblins often collapse tunnels to re-route and ambush travelers, and reasoned that this cave-in was deliberate. Tam, as beetles, burrowed through the collapsed tunnel portion to assess the risk, and heard at least one goblin waiting in ambush. The group decided to take the western tunnel, towards Darklake, rather than the eastern tunnel towards the goblin warrens.

But no tunnel could be without danger. Val, tipped off by the Dagger of Warning, invisibly scouted ahead and discovered a drow party and a drider lying in wait for the group to stumble into their ambush. The group decided to take the eastern tunnel instead, towards the goblin warrens. Pat consulted the Underdark guidebook and explained that many factions were likely vying for power after the recent death of Ewlbkhan, the black dragon presumed slain by the Night Guard and Lord Murdock Mistymane.

An hour’s march brought the group to a suspicious feature: a crack in the ceiling with the sound of mail and tiny footsteps above. Alfo, decisively stabbed the fissure with his pike. The trap was sprung! False walls collapsed, and rubble, goblins, and hobgoblins poured into the tunnel.

In the ensuing battle, the party easily killed several goblins, but the trio of hobgoblins proved to be a serious threat. Tam tried to incapacitate the hobgoblin leader, but failed. Alfo and the Rangers messily defeated the other hobgoblins while Val delivered a reprimand so scathing it killed the goblin he insulted. Finally, Pateirn finished off the hobgoblin leader with a Scorching Ray.

Then, quite suddenly, the unthinkable happened…

Best Line goes to Pateirn:

(While the group is trying to choose whether to cross Darklake or go through the tunnels under the drow city)
Party: So there’s a mad wizard guarding the lake passage, who is very powerful. Do you think-
Pat, without missing a beat: Sure, I could beat him.
Party: ……..????

Best RP goes to Val.

10:45 – The group loots the drow boat, retrieving Glamour Armor, some coin, and an ominous note.
11:00 – The group paddles to a nearby shore to recoup and strategize.
[Long Rest]
20:30 – Given a choice between paddling further across Darklake and following tunnels under the nearby drow city, the group opts for the tunnels.
21:30 – The group successfully navigates a hazardous spinning geode, though the Rangers sustain some damage.
22:30 – A collapsed portion of tunnel blocks the main path. Anticipating an ambush, the group continues on a different path, towards Darklake.
23:00 – The group detects and avoids a drow ambush.
23:30 – The group encounters a goblin trap and is ambushed. In the ensuing battle, the group defeats the goblins and their hobgoblin overseers, but not without injury.
00:00 – Then the unthinkable happens…

Adrift upon Darklake
The darkness deepens...

After defeating the “Mayor of Forgehome” and exposing him as a doppelganger, the Night Guard received accolades, gifts, the Key to the Arcane Forge, and a map to the Glutton’s Teeth. The rule of Forgehome was given over to Finn, who thanked the Night Guard for their assistance.

The Guard set off towards the Glutton’s Teeth, bearing the Key to the Arcane Forge and accompanied by the Ashewood Rangers and by a Heroes’ Guild agent named Umber. With this extra help, the Night Guard were quickly able to defeat a small party of drow who attempted to ambush them upon the shores of Darklake.

After dealing with the drow, the Night Guard and their companions set out across the lake in complete darkness, paddling a boat belonging to Everett Oakbottom (one of the Rangers). While Shadow cowered in fear of the surrounding water, Alfo resisted his anxieties, and found himself filled with courage and resolve.

However, the peaceful mood was not to last. The party were approached and attacked by a drow crew, who immobilized the boat and sought to board. After a brief battle, the drow and their spider companions were defeated, and devoured either by insects or by the vampiric squid they encountered when they leapt overboard.

A search of the drow boat revealed little (although Alfo did find a stony phial of cockatrice venom). But during the search, the party nearly missed the sound of another approaching boat. This boat was larger and bore a drow in gleaming armor along with his capable crew.

Wasting no time in negotiations, the Night Guard opted to attack, while the drow party attempted to board. The ensuing battle was chaotic and tense. Redrick Tramdus (of the Ashewood Rangers) and Umber were both grievously wounded. Additionally, the drow captain used his magical armor to dazzle his enemies, and succeeded in temporarily blinding Alfo. But due to the valiant efforts of Clotilde Oakbottom (the third Ashewood Ranger in the group) and Alfo, along with wicked cool (and very effective!) magical attacks from Pat and a healthy dose of Val’s bardic inspiration, the Night Guard rallied and prevailed. Finally, Alfo defeated the drow captain with a fearsome swing of his axe.

The journey across Darklake continues…

Best Line goes to Val:

(After dealing damage to an enemy) “Rest in pastrami, motherfucker!”

Best RP is shared by Alfo and Val, for Alfo’s RP-appropriate rolls (including a nat 20 to calm Shadow and a successful fatal attack on a boss in the last battle) and for Val’s inspiring improvised battle songs.

19:00 – The party defeats the “Mayor,” speaks with Finn, and retires to the inn, where they meet Umber.
[Long Rest]
05:00 – The party outlines their plans to head into the Underdark on the next stage of their quest.
06:00 – The party makes a run through the markets to pick up supplies.
06:30 – The party is joined by the Ashewood Rangers.
07:00 – The group sets off down the Gold Standard Exchange Mine tunnel. Many side tunnels are blocked off due to various Underdark hazards.
08:00 – The group reaches the shores of Darklake, encounter drow, and launch their boat.
09:00 – The group paddles across the lake. Alfo withstands the pull of madness.
10:00 – The group is attacked by a drow crew but defeats these drow.
10:30 – While looting the first drow boat the group is attacked by a second crew and their captain. Again, the Night Guard and their companions triumph.
11:00 – The journey across Darklake continues…

Forge Home
Hidden Truth

The Night Guard were thrown a party. Things got a little out of hand:

Pateirn lost a finger.

Alfo woke up in a pile of bile.

Val woke up with an 80 Gold dinner bill.

Tamerlane (“Tam”) Redwyne woke up kidnapped by a doppleganger, tied up, in a furnace.

Please observe a moment for Franklefrag Nightmantle, Uncle to Alfo, and veteran of Ulaa.

Best Line goes to Tam:

(Kidnapped, failing rolls left and right, in a furnace that’s about to ignite.)
“I know it’s out of character, but I need Help!”

A Fantastically Bright Journey
(in the underdark)

Today The Night Guard fought their way through the Underdark, past several dangerous obstacles.

A cannibal camp – defeated with the code word “Nutmeg!”

The Howling Gorge – where Tam nearly fell to his death.

A tunnel of rotting vegetation – they’re not sure why.

A cavern comprised entirely of Darkstone – with an illusory Magma fall to boot.

After summoning a Unicorn- Lord Murdock Misty Mane, the party set off to save the missing Ashewood Rangers, and discovered a black dragon. After an epic battle that will be retold for centuries, the Dragon was teleported away at Alfo’s touch.

Best Line goes to Tam:

(When plotting against cannibals who planned to eat the party, and who had fed the party people meat)
“We should eat them as vengeance.”

To the Underdark
A Necromantic Experience

Today The Night Guard entered the Sindaleth-Underdark Passage. They discovered the remains of a zombie mining crew, the ghost of Mitch Barlow, and a Wight Necromancer named Samuel.

Alfo was able to overcome the horrifying experience.

Pateirn discovered new spells, and learned a bit about alchemy.

Val snuck around, obtained a skeleton army and nearly died.

Tam saved a group of giant spiders.

Best Line goes to Val:

(Upon nearly dying to a Wight’s grasp)
Val (singing): “Burn his fucking flesh off!”

Holding The Wildwood Assembly
And Profit

Today, The Night Guard returned the Eye of the Sunwatchers to Sindaleth. The Wildwood Assembly decided that our Heroes should be the ones to return it to Ashewood Redoubt, to ensure it is used properly.

Val performed a most wonderful concert at the Grande Theatre, earning 3000+ Gold.

Pateirn learned the last known location, and home of the Legendary wizard Otto.

Alfo and Shadow became the Champions of The Beasts’ Call Arena.

Tam conferred with his tutor, Wildwood Assembly Member Orvin Windspeaker.

Before the session’s end, We learned 3 Important things about the world.

1. Alfo’s Mark spreads with whomever it touches.

2. Magic is fading from the Material Plane of Mythweald.

3. The Orcs are Laying siege to Sindaleth.

Best Line goes to Tam.

In reference to the Warlock/Ranger’s Companion:

Tam – “Maybe if we eat her, we’ll gain her power?”

The Shattered Teeth Clan
Escaping the Korin's Head Mountains

The Night Guard has another success under their belts, having slain the Orcish Druid to claim the Eye first, the party agreed to kill the Tribes Chieftain Duirash in exchange for their freedom, and 5 years worth of raiding treasure.

Tam slew an innocent piggy.
Val snuck around in the nude.
Pat warned about the dangers of negotiation.
Alfo struck a deal with a warlock.

Best Line goes to Val once again.

Val (to the Orog whose father was incinerated)- “I bet that pile of ashes loves you as much as your father did!”

The Eye of The Sunwatchers
and a small adventure

During today’s session The Night Guard successfully passed Dromar’s Trials.

Alfo proved himself to be Selfless.

Val proved himself cunning.
Tam proved himself brave.
Pateirn proved himself patient.

After returning to Elder Vale, the Heroes discovered what they were transporting: a powerful magical gem, the Eye of the Sun Watchers. After some cryptic explanations from Tam, the group decided to carry forth the Gem to its destination.

While camping, in the middle of the night the heroes were ambushed by a group of Orcish raiders. After awakening battered and bruised, the heroes found themselves within a cave, held captive by orcs.

They freed themselves from their bonds, defeating their captors.

Wrapping Up Heroes' Day
Trial of Insight, Trial of Creativity, THE GRAND MELEE

Today The Night Guard Finished 1st in the Heroes’ Day events.

Having passed the three trials with flying colors, the Heroes competed against other teams in the Grand Melee. In a crushing victory, the Night Guard inflicted 8 casualties, and and received none themselves, although it was close for Tam.

They received 125 gold apiece.

They each were gifted a magic item by The Heroes’ Guild.

Tam received a Staff of Swarming Insects. He chose the Fate of Wandering.

Val received a Chameleon Cloak. He chose the Fate of Inspiration.

Alfo received an Arrow-Catching Shield. He chose the Fate of Reaping.

Pateirn received a Crystal Ball. He Chose the Fate of Lore.


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